I found myself lost
adrift at sea
you were nowhere to be found
among the stars at night
that helped to
guide me home.

I found myself lost
wandering in the woods
the mocking birds used your voice
to call my name
lead me deeper into the trees
until I caught a glimpse of
the path that
led me home.

I found myself lost
under a desert sun
my tears dried up long ago
the mirages sought to
keep me there
but by now I knew their tricks
and I let the desert winds
blow me home.

I found myself lost
in thoughts of you
and how you used to rescue me
when I wandered out too far
so I let you go
burned the bridge
and found my own way home.



My insecurities plague me
pecking at my mind
like mockingbirds
imitating the calls
of thoughts I
had in passing
making them
echo in my head.

I think I will
let them feast
on what’s left of my sanity
so that perhaps I can
go back to thinking
everything is okay
and truly believe it again.