It Can’t If It’s Still In Love With You

I used to
tell you everything
now you’re gone
I still do
I tell the ghost of you
who wanders through my memories

You speak so
softly in my ear
I cannot hear the
words you say
though I wish your voice would cease to stay
your whispers echo through my head

It’s lonely
here inside my mind
with none but us
this ghost of you and I
I think I’ll try
to say one last goodbye to you

Go now please
it’s time you left
I ask that you would
let me go
because my heart needs to grow
and it can’t if it’s still in love with you

There Is In You

There is hope in your eyes
like the world just might
be that better place someday.

There is love in your voice
like people on the whole
aren’t as bad as they pretend to be.

There is strength in your touch
like you would hold the world gently
and keep it safe from harm.

There is trust in your heart
like you’ll wear it on your sleeve
in defiance of so many who would mock you for it.

There is hope
and love
and strength
and trust in who you are
and who you will be
and I’m thankful I get to share in it.

Full Attention

You mutter to yourself
while you work
much in the same way I do
pencil tilted at an angle
face close to the page
as you write
as if being
physically closer
to the question
will bring you
mentally closer
to the answer.

Your concentration
shows on your face
occasionally your brow furrows
in confusion or frustration
pencil pausing
relaxing again when you
move your hand to write.

I could be content
to just sit and
watch you work
for hours
if I didn’t know
that if I leaned towards you
you’d lift your face up
to kiss me
or if I reached for it
you’d give your hand to mine
and smile.

But I know your
hands and lips will be there
to hold and kiss later
when your work is done
and you can give me your
full attention
so for now I’ll be patient
sit and watch you work
and let you wonder
at why I’m smiling so much .

Even If

You are not the
first boy I’ve found myself
falling in love with
and you may not
be the last.
For all we know
you’re just another
stop along my way.

You know about the first
but you don’t know
that he had
grey eyes and
red-brown hair
and a bad knee
because his ex’s ex
stepped on it
on purpose
because my ex was
being the hero
protecting the girl.

All you know is
he broke my heart
which broke me
and I’m still
picking up the pieces
the pieces you’re
afraid to touch
for fear of
making the damage

No matter how many
times I tell you
you can’t break me
like he did
you hold onto
your uncertainty
and the memories of
people in your own past
a hair’s breadth
away from falling apart
and you let them
tell you to
be wary.

Which is why we’re
just friends
but you can never be
just friends
when you’re falling in love
but you can never be
if only one of you
is falling.

So you are not
my past
and I don’t know if you’ll be
my future
but you are my present.
The past and future
are fuzzy.
The present is the only
clarity we have
and in this present I am
falling in love with you
just a little more
every day
and I am
happy to be falling
even if I’m falling alone
even if it’s just
for now.

The Five Stages After You

1. Denial
For months
I told myself
you’d come back
lied and said
I was okay
to the people who
love me
to myself.

2. Bargaining
I kept wishing
for one more message
one that would
bring you back to me
and take the pain away
I said I could
live with goodbye
if only you’d
come back to
say it.

3. Depression
I was lost
I didn’t know
what to think anymore
everything took
too much effort
I let myself
be alone
and let my fear of
the darkness without you
paralyze me.

4. Acceptance
I thought it was over
I met someone new
who helped me
back to the
sunshine I was
before you left
and I’m still
more okay
than I was

5. Anger
But things aren’t perfect
I still have
that haven’t fully healed
and I’m angry
at the anxiety you left me
the only thing you
really ever gave me
because I feel weak
and it’s keeping me from
completely moving on.

6. ?
I’m not sure
where I’m going
from here
I’m happier now
than perhaps I’ve
ever been
but I know I
could be happier
perhaps if it
weren’t for you.
I don’t regret the
time and love
I gave you
but I
can’t help but wonder
what if?

Billy Joel

The kitchen is warm
the smell of spices
wafting from a large pot on the stove
Billy Joel crooning from the stereo
under the cupboard as you hold my hands
And so it goes…

My thoughts drift to you
and the nights we spent
dancing on this kitchen floor
swaying to the sounds of
Billy Joel singing soft and low
And you’re the only one who knows…

My brother’s in this kitchen now
the stove is cold, the spices gone
he holds me close, calls you my mistake
but he doesn’t understand as Billy Joel sings
And you can have this heart to break.

Better Poetry

It’s drizzling and cool outside
as I sit on my bed
with the windows wide open
water trailing down the panes

The air smells clean
drifting into my room
the chill giving me goosebumps
under my sweater

There are times I
prefer the sunshine
but this is
not one of them

Because rain makes for
better poetry

Makeshift Sky

Moth holes in the fabric
were stars
in the blanket fort
above our heads
we made in your living room
one sunny Sunday afternoon.

We named new constellations
until the
sunlight faded
and our makeshift sky
went dark.

As we lay there
staring up at where our
stars used to be
you took my hand
and fell asleep
but not before you’d
kissed me in the dark
to tell me that
you loved me.

We’re older now
more grown up
or so we think
with bills to pay
and jobs to keep.

Let’s go back
to that living room fort
to kissing under
moth-hole stars
and to the way you
said you loved me
if only for just tonight.

“Love is being stupid together.”

Based on the quote by Paul Valery.

Love is staying up
’til three in the morning
because you asked me
to come work on our
math homework
but we ended up just
talking for hours instead.

Love is driving home drunk
on exhaustion and
the sound of your voice
the feel of your arms around me
and the warm, sweet smell
where my head was nestled
where your shoulder
meets your neck.

Love is talking too much
the next day
hung over from
staying up so
late the night before
hoping the cause
might also be the cure.

Love is doing it again
a week later
but actually
finishing our homework this time
and not staying up
quite so late
still sitting
just the two of us
and talking far longer
than most people would.

Love is being stupid together
and of all the stupid
things I’ve done
the best ones
have been
with you.



Dance With Me

Come dance with me.
Take my hand
and lead me
around the floor
with light steps
and a warm smile.

Put your hand on
my waist and
pull me close
enough to feel
the heat of your body
and smell your sweat.

Dip me low
and hold me there
to kiss me
while I laugh
and the music
fades to silence.