Hammock by the River

Cradled in the hammock
you beside me
with the wind through the trees
a melody just for us

Sunshine mottled on our faces
through the leaves
and my freckles becoming
more each minute

The smile on your face
as we think about the future
more meaningful than even
the most heartfelt love song

The thought you put into your words
as we talk about everything
worth more to me than even
the most expensive ring in the world


The Music Room

I fall in love too much, too quickly. As soon as I saw the room, I was in love with it.  I could see posters and decorations up on the walls, my horn on its stand in the corner.  I could see my name in the hallway, next to the door, and the smiling faces of students I’ve yet to meet.  It’s amazing how much love you can find for something you may not even get.  But I think that’s the beauty of being a teacher — love is what you reap because love is what you sow.


You tuck me into bed
kiss my forehead
and wander
back out of the room.
I can see the light
in the hallway
through the
crack beneath our
bedroom door
and I know
you’re in your office
still working
still building the future
and I know you’ll
come to bed later
and be up before I’m awake
and as much as I
wish you’d sleep more
I know this is
to you
to me
to us
and that
even as I fall asleep
you’re working to
keep what we have

Afraid of the Dark

I’m afraid of
the dark
not all the time
but when everyone is
upstairs in bed
the lights are off
and the shadows fall
just right
even my own home
is an unfamiliar darkness
my heart races
and I sprint
up the stairs
to the safety of
my own bed
and the sweet dreams
of sleep.

The Breakwater

We drove to Rouse’s Point and got sandwiches from Sandy’s Deli, to go. That picnic dinner on the breakwater, with just a little bit of spray flicking us as the water hit the rocks, is one of the best memories I’ve ever made with you. You finished your BLT before I was even half-done my club sandwich, because I was too busy telling you stories about my grandparents and great-grandparents to eat, so you took a selfie while my mouth was full, and kept it. We took a cheesy picture of our shoes, your right, my left, like a couple might, even though we’re just best friends, but maybe that’s enough for now, because you kept that, too.

Can’t Help

I forget
just how much
I love you
and then I
see your smile
hear your voice
and it all
bubbles up
and over
and I just can’t help
but smile.

Sweetly Strange

It’s strange
but sweet
the sudden realization
that I am looking at
listening to the boy I’ve
fallen in love with.

stranger still
knowing he’s
my best friend
that I get to
call him
once a week
sometimes more
that I’ll
see him tomorrow
and many more
days to come

For Everything

For all the times you’ve ever refused to kiss me, refused even a hug, I am still full of contentment and joy in the company of you. For all the explanations back and forth, the why’s of my physical expression of affection, the why’s of you being selective and sparing of the same, I think I love you more. For all the things we know so far, and all the things we’ve yet to learn, I am certain this will be something built to last. For all the times I say I love you, I never mean it less.


Five years passed with
nothing wrong.
Stopped the meds
and feeling strong.

First visit back
results no good.
Did we do
everything we should?

Have to wait
and look again
anxious hearts
remember what’s been.

Five years Mom’s been
but was it truly
meant to be?

Hopefully it’s
just a scare
we all must hope theres
nothing there.