My head is
on your shoulder
but my heart is
in your hand
It flutters impatiently as I
wait for you to
kiss me
and trills a little
love song
when you do
You cage it gently
in your chest
for its own protection
and to keep your own company
Tomorrow they will
roost in my ribcage
featherless flightless songbirds
singing in harmonies
and unisons
and the occasional dissonance
content to stay in the
warm sanctuary
of us
not two
but one safe haven
for our hearts
stronger together
than apart



You wrap yourself around her
like wings folding in
around a songbird
She sings to you of love
and your presence
lets her fly
skimming over treetops
and singing to the world
“Look at me!
See how I fly!
See how beautiful and strong
my wings are
and how they make me free and light!”

The Morning

Sunlight slants through the window
making her chocolate brown hair
shine with copper undertones
A smile plays at the
corners of her mouth
as she sleeps late
on this Sunday morning
You pull her hair
back from her face
and let out a quiet
huff of breath
so as not to wake her
with your laughter as
for the umpteenth time
her unruly bangs fall
back across her
big hazel eyes
closed right now
too-long lashes tangling together
You wrap your arm around her
waist once again
and pull yourself closer to her
your chest pressing against her back
your lips kissing that coppery brown hair
and letting out a contented sigh
as she begins to wake and stir
turning herself to
kiss you good morning


My head bobs
and I struggle to
stay awake
just a bit longer
with you.
I don’t really understand
what you’re saying anymore
but I know it
excites you
as much as
your voice
soothes me.
I lace our fingers together
and close my eyes
leaning on your shoulder
humming in response
to whatever you just said.
I hear you chuckle
feel you kiss my hair
wrapping your arms
around me
as I finally give in
to sleep.