It’s okay to feel
lonely sometimes
but don’t wallow in it.
You have people who
care about you
and will
gladly spend
time with you.

You’re allowed
pick the celery
out of things.
If you
don’t like it you
don’t have to
eat it.

Getting your heart broken
twice in
just over two years
will not kill you.
It will make you feel
weak and afraid
for a while
but you will

A boyfriend is not
the only way to
quell the loneliness.
Your parents and brother
love you and
so do your friends.
Take advantage of that.

Spend time with your dad
when you’re having a
bad day.
He is a rock
and always knows how to
make you smile again.
Call him
if you’re not at home.
You will always be his
little girl.

Spend time with
your mom too.
She worries as
much as you
and she worries
about you.
Even if you’re
not okay
she’ll remind you that
you will be.

You’re going to make things
hard for yourself sometimes
and you’re going to
hate yourself for it.
Just keep moving forward
as best you can.
You cannot
change the past
as much as you may
want to.

Keep dancing.
It grounds you
and even if you don’t
do it for your own sake
do it for hers.
You never got to
say goodbye
and it’s part of what
makes you broken.
Dancing is your way of
almost talking to her again.

You weren’t really
ready to move to
Cape Town for him.
It would have
broken your mother’s heart and
as much as you
don’t want to admit it
broken your own.

You are young
and still naive
despite the
pain you’ve endured.
You feel too much
too often
and while it
sometimes hurts
it’s also what
drives you forward.
Remember to
forgive yourself
and have faith that
one day
you’ll be okay.


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