Based on the quote by Paul Valery.

Love is staying up
’til three in the morning
because you asked me
to come work on our
math homework
but we ended up just
talking for hours instead.

Love is driving home drunk
on exhaustion and
the sound of your voice
the feel of your arms around me
and the warm, sweet smell
where my head was nestled
where your shoulder
meets your neck.

Love is talking too much
the next day
hung over from
staying up so
late the night before
hoping the cause
might also be the cure.

Love is doing it again
a week later
but actually
finishing our homework this time
and not staying up
quite so late
still sitting
just the two of us
and talking far longer
than most people would.

Love is being stupid together
and of all the stupid
things I’ve done
the best ones
have been
with you.




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